Lake Down Current Level:
  Mother Nature at Her Best  

by Lucy Cogswell
The sun is coming up over the lake and the fog is lifting. The water is calm. A pink glow is on the eastern horizon. Rowers in their crew shells begin practicing their strokes. The whirlpools from their oars live long lives because the water is like glass, the spreading circles giving evidence of their effort long after the shell has passed.

  Apathy or Ignorance  

Are we uninformed or just uninterested? Do we isolate ourselves from knowledge because itís too much work or do we understand the rules and therefore the ramifications of our actions, but do them anyway? Do lakefront homeowners put white sand on their beaches because they donít know itís bad for the lake or because they donít care and just want a white beach? cont  >more


2016 Brackney Scholarship Now Available

Sponsored by Education Committee

The Education Committee of the BCCA proudly announces that the

Edwin and Paula Brackney Environmental Scholarship 2016
$1,000.00 max for high school seniors
$1,500 max for college
is now available for applications from applicants entering their senior year of college.
ē The applicant must be a U.S. Citizen enrolled in an accredited Florida college or university majoring in Environmental Studies, Environmental Engineering Program or a college degree focused on environmental studies.
ē The applicant shall have a college GPA of 3.0 or better in his or her major field.

The scholarship is also for
high school seniors from Olympia High School, Dr. Phillips High School, West Orange High School, Windermere Preparatory, Bishop Moore, Lake Highland Preparatory and qualified home schooled students.

Deadline for HS Applications March 11th, 2016
Deadline for College Applications April 1st, 2016

Please download application and mail to
Brackney Scholarship
c/o BCCA
L Cogswell, Scholarship Chairman
10553 Down Lakeview Circle
Windermere, FL 34786
or email it to
subject BCCA Scholarship

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